About EMS


EMS was founded in 2003 and provides services to users in a wide range of industries and business areas

EMS specializes in several key services that are in demand throughout the Middle East and the Egyptian market through collaboration with international and certified Companies for ambulance, military and Special requirement vehicles.

In addition to our partner with one of the Polish service companies in very important sectors (Petroleum), EMS has therefore selected engineers who specialize in these services, in addition to providing quality customer service to provide the most outstanding services that guarantee customer satisfaction

EMS Develop  state-of-the-art solutions to solve real business challenges to achieve our goals through customer satisfaction.


Our Strategy

At EMS, we offer state-of-the-art technology; Combining quality, commercial expertise and technical disciplines into a coherent, customer-focused approach. We follow a consistent approach to the way we conduct our business. We accomplish this through a set of principles at the highest level and across the board. These principles govern the core processes of all operating units. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with first-class service and full access to world-class resources. We are aware that everyone in Ems is committed to maintaining full customer satisfaction by exceeding customer expectations.


Our Vision

Our goal is to provide the best customer satisfaction to our customers with the latest technology and various solutions and services.