Paint shop

Specialized paint-shop for steel constructions and elements of machines and devices

Modern paint-shop, complying with all environmental requirements and equipped with big chambers and cranes with high load capacity, is a guarantee of professional coating and a long, trouble-free service life of protected elements. We will provide our customers with full access to 20 x 5 x 4,5m painting chambers located inside 3600sqm warehouse; equipped with two over-head cranes, each of 32t capacity. Modern, automated chambers guarantee optimum conditions for surface preparation, application of liquid painting systems and metallizing process We also offer other tools and equipment to fulfill any demands related to anticorrosion protection, including laboratory analyses of surfaces of materials to be protected as well as existing and applied coatings. All the services are performer by our experienced staff, manager by qualified supervisors. We invite to cooperate any steel mills, workshops, manufacturers; machinery and plant producers who must use in their process any liquid anticorrosion, fire-proofing and metallizing systems.